Caregiver Program

Do you help an elderly relative or friend? Are you caring for your grandchild temporarily or permanently? You are a caregiver. Caring for someone with a chronic illness or disability can be stressful physically, emotionally, and financially. There is help available through the Caregiver Department at “Our Age Care Centre”.

Information and Assistance

Information is available to seniors etc.


Education is available regarding specific illnesses, stress management, financial assistance, and other caregiver issues.


Time away from your loved one, whether it’s for an hour or a weekend, can be what it takes to regain perspective, sanity, and emotional well-being. Information about providers of respite services either in your own home or institutional care is available as well as possible funding sources to off set any costs involved.

Consulting/Support Groups

A friendly voice or empathetic ear is available for one-on-one consultations. Assistance to finding or starting a support group for caregivers to share concerns and offer advice is available.