Adult Day Care / Health

Personal care for dependent adults in a supervised, protective, congregate setting during some portion of a twenty-four hour day. Services offered typically include social and recreational activities, training, counseling, meals, rehabilitation, medication assistance, accounting management and online tax return. Service offers temporary, substitute supports at an adult day care center for older persons in order to provide a brief period of relief or rest for family members or other caregivers.

Home Delivered Meals

Home Delivered Meals are designed for homebound individuals. Meals are available hot or frozen.

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Preventive Health / Health Promotion

Preventive health service designed for the purpose of promoting the health of older adults by conducting health assessments and teaching clients about ways to maintain, restore and improve their health as older adults and provide information about community health care services and resources including referral to appropriate resources for assistance.

Assisted Transportation

Provision of assistance, including escort, to a person who has difficulties (physical or cognitive) using regular vehicular transportation.

Home Repair

Method of improving or maintaining a residence, appliancances, etc., to keep an individual living independently in their own home.


Respite care is a period of relief or rest from the constant/continued supervision for a caregiver. Respite may be given in an individual’s home or a facility.


Chore as defined in Home Care for the Elderly is performance of house or yard tasks including such jobs as seasonal cleaning, yard work, snow removal, and household maintenance for eligible persons who are unable to perform these tasks for themselves because of frailty or other disabling conditions.


Homemaker provides assistance, from a trained homemaker, to persons having difficulty with household duties such as meal planning and preparation, shopping for personal items, managing money, using the telephone, light housework, tax return online.

Mental Health

An outreach program designed to identify, evaluate and provide mental illness treatment, as well as psychosocial support, educational activities, and rehabilitative activities to community dwelling elderly who are unable or unwilling because of stigma or physical impairment to participate in services at a community health center.